Fashion is a visual medium, telling stories and creating identities through images that are often coded. Using a sartorial language it reflects and reflects on contemporary society and culture, feeding on past times to present dramatically modern concoctions.

Film is also a distinctive language and a very modern medium. It has a special relationship with fashion, in both commercial and aesthetic terms.  Film uses costume and the language of fashion in multiple ways: as spectacle; to establish character; to evoke period; as a means of disguise; to subvert narrative; to conjure up meaning not conveyed by dialogue or narrative; to create mood; and on occasion to evade censorship. Fashion also plays a key role in marketing and promotion.

There’s so much to say about film and fashion — in relation to movies but also in a wider cultural context. In this blog I’ll explore historical as well as contemporary examples of this long-standing special relationship. I’ll also post occasional news and reviews of relevant events, and cast an eye over some fashion films. Hope you enjoy it — let me know what you think!

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